Code of Conduct (Z.T.P)

이노션 대표이사 In today’s global corporate environment, ethical management is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

Corporations are now paying more attention to ethical management, and are continuously striving to achieve corporate competitiveness upon a good ethical foundation.

Innocean has also recognized the importance of ethical management, and is making ongoing efforts to carry out transparent and ethical management as a leader in the global economy.

As part of such effort, we have established the Z.T.P. (Zero Tolerance Policy), an ethical principles that all of our employees must abide, to promote a fair and transparent corporate environment. We strive to institutionalize our ethics code as an integral part of individual employees and the Company.

We will continue to practice ethical management to prosper as a leading international corporation built on trust and respect.
이노션 대표이사 sign Lee, Yong-Woo Global CEO INNOCEAN


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