Code of Conduct (Z.T.P)

Z.T.P (Zero Tolerance Policy) is the 4 fundamental principles which all employees of INNOCEAN Worldwide must abide by, and anyone who violates the Policy, without exception, would be held responsible.

Our Company established and promulgated the Z.T.P in March 2010, and will continue to strictly enforce the policy.

Ethical Management

  • Against Discrimination of Race and Gender
  • Serving the Public Interest
  • Environmental Consciousness
  • Fair Competition
Against Sexual
Protection of Client Information
Transparency at
Work and Prohibition
of Unfair Bargaining
Prohibition of
Private Use of
Company Property
Z.T.P (Zero Tolerance Policy), the four basic principles that all employees of INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE must abide by, is as follows:

1. Prohibition of Private Use of Company Property
We shall not use any tangible and/or intangible property of the Company, including but not limited to, human resources, documents, information, and intellectual property rights, for uses not related to work.

2. Against Sexual Harassment
We shall not tolerate sexual harassment of any kind (physical, verbal, or non-verbal), with an effect of causing sexual humiliation or offending the dignity of a person.

3. Transparency at Work and Prohibition of Unfair Bargaining
We shall not make unfair demands, accept gifts or bribe from partner companies, or perform any actions that may otherwise hinder fair performance of work duties.

4. Protection of Client Information
We shall protect our client’s information, including intellectual property rights and trade secrets, with utmost care, and we must keep the trust and confidence of our client in this regard.
1. Business Ethics
The employees of INNOCEAN shall act in an ethical manner, while continuously observing the needs of the public and environment. Specifically, a Zero Tolerance Policy has been developed to oversee the conduct of the employees of INNOCEAN.

2. Zero Tolerance Policy (Z.T.P)
The employees of INNOCEAN must adhere to the Zero Tolerance Policy, which prohibits four principles of conduct regarding business ethics: the misuse of company assets, sexual harassment, transparent transactions and confidentiality, which is further defined as follows.

1) Misuse of Company Assets
Employees shall not misuse the tangible and intangible assets of INNOCEAN.
A. Employees shall not utilize any of the internal information which is acquired directly or indirectly through the employment for personal profit.
B. Employees shall not misuse the assets of INNOCEAN for personal use or profit or any other use unrelated to the employment activities of INNOCEAN.
C. Employees shall not be involved in any “for-profit” secondary activities or multiple employments.
D. The budgets provided by INNOCEAN shall be properly used, executed transparently and also be for legitimate business purpose.

2) Sexual Harassment
Employees shall agree to make the workplace safe and civil. Sexual harassment, discrimination or offensive behavior of any kind, including but not limited to any actions or inactions that are demeaning to others, shall not be tolerated.
Any actions or inactions of any offensive sexual nature shall not be tolerated. Employees shall be prohibited from making any actions or inactions that may be considered offensive in nature, including offensive glance, critique, comment or contact.

3) Transparent Transactions
Employees shall act and conduct the business of INNOCEAN in a transparent manner. Employees shall not accept gifts or other valuable consideration in dealing with others in relation to the business of INNOCEAN. The employees shall refrain from any acts that may negatively affect the business dealings.

4) Confidential Information
Employees agree to maintain confidential all confidential information received during the course of employment at INNOCEAN. Confidential information is defined as any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trade secrets, know-how, copyrights or any information, which the client and/or INNOCEAN may deem confidential in nature.

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