• I Am INNOCEAN The people of INNOCEAN have been presenting innovative and creative ideas, going beyond existing common practices and values. People with diverse personalities and values have gathered and grown together for the past decade under one goal called “creativity.” Now they are beginning another decade together.

  • The Youngest and Bravest Network The world has been INNOCEAN’s stage from the very beginning. As a global marketing communications company with 1,500 employees and 22 offices in 17 countries from all around the world, INNOCEAN has proven its global competitiveness by acquiring clients one after another both abroad, including the US and Europe, and in Korea.

  • Without Limits & Borders By breaking away from ordinary marketing services while making bold attempts to further develop new contents, INNOCEAN is moving one step beyond its existing business model and expanding into media and contents operations. INNOCEAN will continue to provide marketing communications at all angles, thereby, transcending the boundaries of an advertising company.

  • A Globally Recognized Creative Leader INNOCEAN has been recognized for its outstanding creativity, steadily improving its awards portfolio. INNOCEAN has made its mark at countless renowned advertising festivals not only by winning awards, but also through a variety of activities including sponsorship and seminars.


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